"I just wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for our family.  First of all when I took my daughter and my mom to see you, you made them feel like there was no other person in the world to take care but the two of them.  Even though my mom does not speak English she felt your heart felt care for her.  The test you recommended for my daughter and the diet and the vitamins and exercises were exactly what she needed for her. After following your recommendation for a month she was a new person, her skin was clear, her stomach did not hurt anymore, and she had so much energy,   It has been now almost a year and she is doing great.  Thank you again for everything."       Josephine C - Mahopac, NY                                                    
"Dr. Manipon, I want to thank you for helping me with my health issues and being such a caring and sympathetic Naturopathic Physician.  The acupuncture treatments really helped me with resolving some of my back and neck pain issues and your recommendations of homeopathic meds for my trip abroad helped alleviate my travelers sickness issues.  I am most appreciative of your caring and attentiveness to my health problems so that I am now feeling lots betters".               Barbara W - New Canaan, CT
"Very easy Doctor to speak to and one that listens.  Looking forward to continuing the evaluation."                                DG - Waldwick, NJ
"I want to thank you for all the time that you took explaining my labs and tests.  It's really the first time that I have walked out from a medical appointment feeling confident in both the provider and the follow up action items."     Sarah H - Monroe, CT
"Dr. Manipon, Thank you for our visit.  Yesterday was the first time I felt like I was being heard and I thank you for that."                        LD - Garfield, NJ
"I was at work today and didn't feel any sciatica pain at all.  Thanks so much!"  Arthur S - Dumont, NJ
"Just love how fast paced and informative each session is!  I go away with an action plan for the next 6 weeks!!  Thank you so much."  Elizabeth F - Stamford, CT
"I gave 3 doses of the homeopathic remedy you recommended in the hour before my son went to bed.  He coughed so much last night in his sleep.  He woke up this morning and his nose was dry.  He's had a little discharge but NOTHING like the faucet he has had for days!  And I've maybe heard him cough 4-5 times all day.  THANK YOU SO MUCH  for helping a momma!"  Ashley F - New Orleans, LA